Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Little Brag Moment!

Just want to brag about my very talented hubby! He is an amazing graphic designer and can teach himself to do just about anything. During one of his semesters at BYUI he wanted to take a photography class and I think he is a natural. His favorite thing to take pictures of is people racing dirt bikes. And then he can edit his pictures in a really neat way. Here are just a couple of his pictures.
These first two pictures are ones that Boe took of his uncle Jake

This is a picture of a 3-d Model Boe created on his computer! So talented
This is actually one I took that I really love for some reason

The Time Travlers Wife

I am currently reading this book and am loving it!! I love this unique love story. Its a little confusing for me at times with all the time travel but still a great story. Wish there wasn't the language in it. I am constantly getting out my black pen to scribble out the bad words. Wish there was a place that sold edited books. I cannot wait for Aug so I can see the movie! Plus I really adore Rachel McAdams as an actress. The Notebook is my favorite movie. I just know Boe is dying to take me to see this movie! I am hoping to get this book finished soon so that I can move onto my next book which is my Sisters Keeper. Love my carefree summer reading.

Earwigs yuck!

Could there be anymore more earwigs in Rigby Idaho. They are disgusting little insects who are everywhere in Boes parents house. Mostly in our bathroom we use. I am constantly finding 5 a night all over the bathroom in areas such as our toothbrush holder, in towels, the walls, shower, laundry name it they have been there. I get nervous everytime I pick something up. Its like WWII us against them. Killing them with H2O is my favorite war tactic. Can't wait for winter to be back so those little suckers will go away..