Friday, April 18, 2008

Hello From Idaho!!

Just thought we would finally write on this thing and let everyone know how we are doing! Well we are both still going to school. Brittany is at ETIC and getting ready to apply to the nursing program this year. Boe is at BYU-I for 2 more semesters and majoring in Business. We are both so ready for summer to be here! Brittany just got a new job yesterday and is so thrilled about it! She will be working at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center as a CNA. We are currently living in Rexburg at Main st. and will be moving to a bigger apartment in may. We are loving life right now and have been so very blessed these past 5 months of marriage. We are so greatful for the gospel and to have a temple so close by. A few weeks ago we received a joint calling as teachers in the Sunbeams! We will be teaching our first lesson this week! We are so grateful for this calling! I am so excited for Boe to finally experience primary! Well that about wraps it up for us!! Basically we love being married!