Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our New Edition!

We got a puppy!! This post is a little late considering we have had her for 2 months already! We sure love her! She has truly brightened our lives and brought some stress along to! Getting a dog was not part of our plan, but we saw her and fell in love! She is a hound/boxer mix! We got her when she was 10 weeks old and now she is almost 5 months! Everyone always tells us how adorable she is and how huge she will be! (we sure hope not) She is a huge mammas girl that loves to give kisses. We have the potty training down pat for the most part. She does tend to tinkle when new people come over because she gets so excited to see them! She is a lot of work..but totally worth it....most days! We love you Kayley!

Taking a Sunday snooze with "Daddy"
Watching Boe on the computer
Love this Face!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Graduated!!!

I'm finally done!! Woo Whoo! What a loong year it has been! But it has been such a wonderful one! I have had some wonderful experiences and have made some great friends! I feel so blessed! This year had its hard and stressful times but it was so worth it! I am so happy to finally be a nurse!! I have waited so long! All thats left is boards and my first job as a nurse! Im so nervous but I know I can do it! I just want to thank my wonderful loving husband for ALL his support this past year.I know I have slacked on my wife duties this past year so thanks for always being so patient. I couldnt have done it without you sweetie! And I would also like to thank my parents for putting me through nursing school and to my mom for always being my cheerleader. Whether I was jumping for joy, venting, or crying she was always there for me, I dont think I could have made it this far without her love and guidance! And thank you to everyone else for your kind words and support I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends! I did it!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

The Biggest News we have this month is that BOE HAS A JOB!! Finally!! We are so thrilled!! He was offered the job while I was gone in Chicago and should be starting in a week or so. He is going to be working out at the INL Site as a guard. We are so excited to have a more steady income coming in and we are eager to find a place of our own! We feel so blessed! Boe is excited to be busy once again and working full time! School is going great for me still stressful but only a month left of this semester! The summer should be much easier! I graduate in May since my school doesnt have a graduation ceremony in July. This past month I was able to go see my wonderful family in Chicago for a week! It was a blast! Loved being able to spend so much time with my parents, all my sisters, and cute nephews! We were even able to talk to Robbie on the phone when he was at the airport leaving for Chili! We went, shopping, ate at all my favorite places, Brookfield Zoo, Dupage Childrens Museum, Was able to do my first session at the Chicago Temple, bike ride, and just relax! Thank you so much Mom and Dad for flying me home! It was a wonderful spring break! And I finally got to meet my Sister Sayward's Fiance Matt! He is awesome and I am so happy for them! She is going to be a Gorgeous bride! Life is so great these days and we couldnt be happier!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Most Amazing Book!

I highly recommend the book The Hunger Games! It was amazing!! I had heard that it was good but had no clue what it was about and I was blown away! I read it in a day and a half! Im eager to read the second book but have decided its my reward at the end of this semester! So if you haven't read it you totally should!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sushi, Emily, and Target are a few of my Favorite Things

In the middle of March my wonderful cousin came to visit us again! Its such a treat everytime she comes and we love having her! We ate at the Pinapple Grill in Rexburg, saw Sherlock Holmes (which was amazing except the couple in front of us made out the entire time and the people behind kept laughing at nothing), ate yummy Magic Brownie Ice cream (which we got her hooked on), watched couples retreat (so funny), had fun at target as always,gave her her first Craigos pizza experience, and slept in! It was loads of fun and hope she comes back soon!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Crazy Busy Life

Life lately has been a bit more hectic than usual. Which is not all bad. Boe has been busy painting once again. He has also had a few job opportunities comes his way which we are very excited for and hope work out! He is loving his new calling and really enjoys the Priests. After their Tuesday night activities they all get together and play a few games of basketball which he loves. He is getting eager for the snow to go away so he can start riding his dirt bike once again. I am busy as usual Life feels like this a lot these days:
I am still loving school for the most part but I am getting eager to graduate. School seems to be more stressful this semester and plain frustrating at times. I am loving all the new skills I have learned. IV's are pretty awesome! This past week was especially hard. I swear I had an emotional break down on Thursday over everything..luckily I have the most amazing mom and husband who let me cry and vent to them all the time. My husband took me to get some ice cream and promised cuddle time to cheer me up after class on Thursday. The best thing that happened that day was discovering my new favorite ice cream!
It is so yummy! Tastes so much like this ice cream I love in Cincinnati Ohio where my G-ma lives. I have been craving it so much and finally found one that tastes practically the same! I am also so thankful for the wonderful classmates I have that keep me going . I am so blessed to have found some great friends this past year I dont think I could survive without them! On a lighter note I have been able to accomplish a few things on my list! We made homemade chocolate fondue with some friends of ours a few weeks ago for dessert! It was yummy and we bought lots of fun and yummy things to dip in it. We went to a new resturant a couple weeks ago, it was new for me but not for Boe so it only half counts. And I have cooked 2 new recipies so far! I have been knitting whenever I have a spare minute so I can get a few projects done before the end of March. I will post some pics of the finished products sometime. I just bought this book tonight and I am so excited to start this 40 day journey!
Well thats about everything new with us! Nothing to exciting were pretty boring! : )

My Valentine

I have been reminiscing this past week to 3 years ago when Boe asked me to be his wife. Best decision I ever made. He proposed on February 23rd at the Signature Room in Downtown Chicago. I was so excited to be his wife and start OUR family! Here is an email he sent me 3 years ago, its super cheesy and sappy but I love it so much. It still warms my heart and makes me giddy to this day. (He would spank me if he knew I posted this)

Brittany my love I have never seen a woman look as beautiful as you do tonight, I would be lying to myself if I didnt tell you that I want to be lost in your star kissed eyes!! You are the most precious thing on this earth and I hope you know the depth of my love for you! Please Brittany Blotter Make me the happiest man on this earth and allow me to be the man that loves you for all eternity and wakes up counting his many blessings becauses its you he wakes up to. Brittany Blotter MARRY ME!! Your my shining star and life will be dark and dreary without you!

I love you Boe Gilstrap thanks for making me the happiest girl on this earth and asking me to be your wife!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Few Things I would Love to do in 2010!

I want this year to be wonderful so I thought of a few things that I would love to do this year!
1. Go to the temple at least once a month
2. Go to at least one new temple
3. Go on a long beautiful bike ride somewhere new
4. Go on a long hike
5. Take more pictures of our life
6. Be more confidant
7. Go camping in the mountains in a tent
8. Catch at least one fish with my new fishing pole
9.Go ice skating
10. Go on a trip somewhere new
11.Go on a picnic
12. Read the Book of Mormon by Dec 31st
13. Have a better body image
14. Go to Jackson Hole
15. Cook at least 10 new recipes
16. Go boating
17. Get to my goal weight the healthy way
18. Get my first professional massage
19. Go to Mesa Falls
20.Go swimming
21.Run a mile in under 10mins or less
22.Pay off debt
23. Have a fondu night
24.Eat at a new resturant
25. Read a new book
26. Learn to knit something besides a scarf
27. Go to at least one Supercross race
28. Go to my first Jazz Game
29. Play tennis
30. Throw a party
31.Get a tan
32. Go to a concert the piano more
34. Do more acts of service
35. Go sledding

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

He's a Missionary!!

My little brother Robbie reported to the MTC today! He is going to the Chili Orsono mission. I am so proud of him! I know he is going to be a wonderful missionary to the Chileans! I still can't believe he is going to be gone for 2 whole years and I only get to talk to him once a year.l What a wonderful brother I have.My family is so proud and excited for our first missionary!! Can't wait to get my first letter! I love you Elder Blotter!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy New Year!

I think 2010 is going to be our year I can just feel it! We are so excited for a fresh new year and all the wonderful things it can bring! Its been awhile since I updated so here is a quick one. We spent Christmas with the Gilstrap Family this year and it was great except for me being sick for all of it..started with the flu..fever,sore throat, puking, soo achy, exhausted..than I totally lost my voice and when I did have it I sounded like a 12 year old boy going through puberty, and than it ended with lovely congestion and a cough. No fun! Only positive thing from being sick is that I lost 10lbs! I have 10 more to go and than I should finally be back at my prewedding weight! Our New Years was great we went over to Boe's grandparents house and played texas holdem and 21 I totally dominated and it was my first time! Finished the night off with The Hangover (the edited version) ,All About Steve, 1 1/2 bottles of Martineles and a kiss at midnight! Having a month off of school was wonderful it was great to just relax but it has sure been hard to get back into the swing of things! This semester is going to kick my butt! But on the bright side 6 months till graduation!! Boe is doing great still looking for work, we are hoping something sticks soon! But in the mean time he still works for his grandfather whenever there is work. He is currently working on getting fit and in shape for a guard job he applied for at the INL Site. He received a calling in our ward in Nov. he is one of the Priest Advisors and is very excited and can't wait to do some scouting! This Year we decided to make some Resolutions/Goals. Here are a few:
*Go to the temple together at least once a month
*Get our own Apt
*Get out of debt
*Keep better track of money/expenses
*Loose weight,eat healthier,get in shape
We are very excited and hope that we can achieve and keep all of these! Sorry no pictures we are really bad at that! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are doing great!