Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just a Little about Us

What is his name? Boe Allen Gilstrap

How long have you been together? Together 2 years married 7 months

How long did you date? About a year and a half

How old is he? 24 1/2

Who eats more? That would be Boe!

Who said I love you first?Boe at Rigby lake the night my mom said I needed to have a DTR with him so I could figure out what I should do about my school situation.

Who is taller? Boe but not by much

Who can sing better? Boe his whole family can pretty much sing

Who is smarter? Not sure I think we are better in different areas, I'm better at science and english and he is good at the math and business. But I think we are both pretty street smart and Boe is really smart in the area of computers!

Who does the laundry? That would be Me! I think Boe has done it maybe 2 times since we have been married

Who pays the bills? Boe

Who sleeps on the right side? Boe

Who mows the lawn? We dont have a lawn but if we did who knows probably Boe unless he was really busy and then I would

Who cooks dinner? When we do make dinner it is usually me but sometimes Boe whips up some really good food for us!

Who drives? Both of us but more Boe

Who is more stubborn? That would be me, it runs in my family but boe has been more stubborn since we have be married then he was when we dated.

Who kissed who first? umm..it was just pretty natural in the way it happend he always jokes it was me though but it was the best kiss of my life

Who proposed? Boe did on a trip to see me in Chicago at the Signature room! My ring came out on a silver platter (It was my dessert) I was shocked and he got down on one knee. It was amazing

Who has more friends? It might be pretty equal

Who is more sensitive? Me but it depends on where we are at in the month...some months I'm a huge boob and cry a lot

Who has more siblings? Me he has 2 brothers and I have 3 sisters and a brother

Who wears the pants?He might say me but I think he does

I tag: what am I tagging for?

I Know my ABC'S

A-Attached or Single? Attached to any amazing man for eternity
B-Best Friend? Boe and my mom of course!
C-Cake or Pie? I love both! Any pie my dad makes and i love Portillos Chocolate cake and me and boe love our Red Velvet.
D-Day of Choice? I love Fridays but these days they all run together
E-Essential Item? I am huge on oral hygiene so I guess you could say my toothbrush and also chapstick
F-Favorite Color? Pink
G-Gummy bears or worms? Gummy worms I like that they have 2 flavors
H-Hometown? Batavia Illinois!
I-Favorite Indulgence? Bubble Baths
J-January or July? July
K-Kids? Not yet..so for now my favorites are Ruger and Tacey!
L-Life isn't complete without? Love, Family, and Laughter
M-Marriage date? November 24th 2007
N-Number of brothers and sister? 3 sisters and one 1 brother and then 2 brother in-laws
O-Oranges or apples? I love my apples!
P-Phobias? Bee's amd then spiders
Q-Quote? Turn your face towards the sunshine and all the shadows will fall behind you.
R-Reason to smile? Life! I am always smiling
S-Season of choice? I love all seasons but winter not so much. I love the changes of leaves in the fall and blossoms in the spring and I love summer because its warm!
T-Tag 3 people: Amy, Lauryn, Sayward
U-Unknown facts about me? Well it used to be my big secret and it was that I failed my drivers test the first time because I hit a curb really gay but I was to embarrased to tell anyone
V-Vegetable? Not a big fan of veggies but I do love carrots and was so bummed when I found out that corn wasnt a vegetable and it can make you fat.
W-Worst habit? picking..I pick everything
X-X-ray or ultrasound? Umm they are both not to much fun..I am always in pain when I have had an x-ray and when I have ultrasounds they make you drink 8 bottles of water so I always have to pee so bad when I have an ultrasound and thats not fun!
Y-Your favorite food? Hmm I am so not sure I really do love my moms cooking and I miss it but my inlaws and husband call Tater because I love Potatoes!
Z-Zodiac sign? Sagittarius

My Brown Hair

So i know I should have posted a picture a long long time ago since I did dye my hair back in Feb (Sorry Amy). But I dyed all my hair dark brown for the first time this winter. I loved it and it was fun and im glad I had the guts to finally do it! But now im ready for a change and so is boe (He wants his blonde wife back). So it wont be brown for to much longer. I dont have like any pictures of me with the brown hair but I did manage to find one its black and white but hey you get the picture. So here you are family!!