Friday, November 6, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

We went to the Red Barn Pumpkin Patch while Emily was here and we brought along Boe's cute cousin Lesli. It was so fun picking our own pumpkins from a patch this year, I haven't done that since my family lived in California. Can't wait to have kids so that we can do all these fun activites with them!
All Our Pumpkins Ready to be Carved!

Boes Pumpkin My Pumpkin

Emily Visits Again!

My wonderful cousin Emily graced us with her presence again and we loved it! She came in the middle of October so we were able to do lots of fun fall activities!

Feeling Crafty!

I am not crafty at all wish I was but I dont feel creative. So when my Relief Society did a fall craft night I was so excited! Best way for me to do crafts is to have a teacher! I signed up for 3 and this is how they turned out! I actually think I did pretty good! They look cute to me!