Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Fun!

About a month ago my cousin Emily and Ian came to visit me from Utah! It was so good to see them! I hadn't seen Ian since before his mission and Emily in about a year! The night they got here we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and then came home and watched Lion King in 3D. Which by the way is AMAZING. And stayed up way to late catching up. The next day we slept in and Ian made us a fabulous breakfast! After that we went to Bear World! I have always wanted to go but Boe never wants to take me because he says we live in Idaho and we don't have to pay to see wildlife (which is probably true) but it was still fun! We loved seeing all the animals and the petting zoo was a hoot! Especially when Ian kept getting kicked by the baby deer! Most of the bears already had a jump start on their hibernation but they were still fun to look at! After Bear World we hit up the mall and got some yummy smelling candles at Bath and Body. That night Emily and I drank apple cider, watched Young Frankenstein, and made homemade caramel apples rolled in crushed up Halloween oreo's. They didn't look beautiful but they were soo good! I'm thinking I need to make them again. It was a fun 2 days that went by way to fast! Can't wait for them to visit again!

Boe's B-day!

Oct 6th is also Boe's birthday! Poor guy had to spend his 28th birthday working and cutting up a tree. I hadn't seen Boe in a few days because we work opposite shifts occasionally so I made sure he felt loved on his birthday. I got him a bouquet of balloons (which our dog was petrified of, so funny), hung a banner, and wrapped all his presents. It was all waiting for him when he came home from work! We weren't able to celebrate his birthday on the actual day because we both worked. But we did have a birthday celebration at Red Robin on Saturday! So happy this guy was born so I could marry him! He is such a wonderful stand up guy and I'm so lucky that he is mine.

First Snowstorm!

Oct 6th was Idahos first snowfall of the year. And we got a ton! When I left for work that morning at 6 it was raining and by the end of my shift the snow was coming down like crazy.
And this is what I got to come home to....

Yup that's right our neighbors tree that hangs over into our yard totally broke and crashed into our yard. Almost hit the house and my mother in-law. It was huge and in the middle of the road. Poor Boe and his dad spent hours cutting up the tree and taking it to the dump. Our first snowfall started off with a bang! Hopefully we wont have anymore trees falling for the rest of winter!