Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boise Trip

This past weekend we went over to Boise for the football game. I haven't been to a college football game in a few years so it was fun to be able to go again. It was super hot for the first half of the game which was a little uncomfortable but it cooled off nicely once the sun went down. We had great seats close to the field. Boise played great and won! Aside from the game we did a tiny bit of shopping and hung out with family.
Cheesy picture of us in our matching shirts
BOE was a sponser of the game! (Boise office equipment)

Boise leaving the field
Tulsa Leaving the field

We love the smurf turf
Our last night in Boise Boe and I stayed in a hotel. Super comfy beds. Best night sleep we had in awhile and it was greatly needed. When I got up in the morning to shower I got this nice surprise. It was huge and ugly! So happy I have a hubby who kills scary yucky things for me!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun at the Fair

They wanted to have matching tattoos with Ronnie Dunn

I promise he loves my kisses despite the face

This past week was the East Idaho State Fair. We went down 2 days and had so much fun. Probably my favorite year yet. We ate too much fair food (that was so good), saw some cute animals, magician, hypnotist, crafts, and an amazing concert! We saw Ronnie Dunn in concert and he was AMAZING. Seriously he sounds so good live and put on a great show. He even played lots of his songs from when he was Brooks and Dunn. It was my first concert with Boe which made it all the more special. Hope we can do it again real soon.

Then and Now

Our Kayley is not a puppy anymore. We have hit our year mark with her. She is bigger than we expected. We still love her even though she can be a pill. She still can't keep her tongue to her self and has to lick you at every chance she gets. Her tail is a weapon that never stops moving. We love her despite her annoying habits and spoil her to bits. She has truly brightened our lives and fits in with us so well.

Kayley at 10weeks so cute in her bed

Kayley at 14months in the same bed. I took it out to put it in our garage sale and she has been sleeping in it for weeks even though she has a bigger bed to choose from. Shes so big she has to stretch out the sides
So at times she results to use it as a pillow
She loves car rides and this is her favorite thing. Especially when were in the country. She cant get enough of all the smells.

More Random Pictures I found

My sweet new niece Ruby. Isnt she precious?
Boe making his best pirate face at his cousins b-day bash
We got bored one night and decided to dress Kayley up. She actually didnt mind it.
Love to snuggle with my baby
Having Fun at the river on the 4th
The family after Aschers blessing
Uncle Boe and Ascher have the same smirk. So cute!
Love me some baby A
At the Horse races