Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July! It started out early in hopes of making it to the parade but unfortunately we missed it. We headed over to the river and walked around to the different booths they had and enjoyed a snow cone. After that we went and saw Thor at the cheap theater. It was actually a better movie than I thought it would be and it was nice to get out of the heat for a couple hours. We headed home so I could fix up these tasty 4th of July themed treats. I had a blast making these festive treats! Boe told me they were delicious. We didnt go to the river to watch the fireworks this year, Boe didnt want to deal with all the crowds so we ended up watching the fireworks from the side of the highway. It actually ended up being a fabulous view. Plus our local radio station broadcasts the music during the fireworks. Overall it was a fantastic day!
Crispy Cheese Stars
Rocket Dogs
Patriotic Drink (Red, Blue, White)

Flag Cupcakes


Totally random post but a couple months I canned for the first time. I did 24 jars of strawberry jam. I must say I think they taste pretty good and they taste so much better than store bought jam. Felt a little more Mormon after I was done : ) Looking forward to canning something new.