Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Figured it's about time for a baby update! Especially since its been about 12 weeks since my last post. I am currently 33 weeks! 7 weeks left! yay! I am feeling great for the most part just HUGE!! Realizing that summer pregnancies are no fun with all this heat! Especially when you live in a house with no A/C. Thank goodness I work in a cold hospital and Boe takes me to the movies about once a week. Luckily im not swollen every day. I had my baby shower a couple weeks ago. It was so fun!  Baby boy and I were spoiled! My mom came out to visit and stayed for a week! Loved it! Had so much fun and it was so hard to see her go! Good thing she will be back in Sept! Baby is doing great! I have been measuring 2 weeks ahead my whole pregnancy and at my Dr. appt this past week I was measuring 3 weeks ahead! So I had to get a growth ultrasound. Everything looks great and it was so fun to see him again. He was 5lbs 7 oz already! So I could very well have an 8lb plus baby!He is already head down though! yay! I am really okay if he wants to make his appearance one or two weeks early! Not sure if I have had any braxton hicks yet, If I have they sure don't hurt.  My belly is apparently really huge because people always comment on how I am going to have a big baby or they cant believe I still have as much time left as I do. I am still working 3 days at work. It's getting hard but it keeps me busy. I dont sleep much these days between the constant going to the bathroom, being hot, and general uncomfortableness. Plus he now loves to hang out right under my boobs making it hard to breath and making bras super uncomfortable. He moves lots, which I LOVE! So fun! He totally knows Boe's hand when he touches my belly. The baby can be super quiet and once Boe puts his hand on my belly he starts kicking wherever his hand is! Love that they are bonding already! I havent really had strong cravings for any one thing I just really like cold things, so I have bought fruit popsicles, I eat a ton of fruit, and drink water like crazy! I am loving being pregnant but I am so ready to meet him and to not be fat anymore! I can't stand pictures of me, I just want to cry (especially when I step on the scale at the Dr.) Biggest I have ever been, can't wait to work out again! I just keep telling myself it doesn't matter because its all worth it! We can't wait to meet him! Glad he isn't coming for a few more weeks though because we still have A LOT to buy and get ready before he comes!