Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Crazy Busy Life

Life lately has been a bit more hectic than usual. Which is not all bad. Boe has been busy painting once again. He has also had a few job opportunities comes his way which we are very excited for and hope work out! He is loving his new calling and really enjoys the Priests. After their Tuesday night activities they all get together and play a few games of basketball which he loves. He is getting eager for the snow to go away so he can start riding his dirt bike once again. I am busy as usual Life feels like this a lot these days:
I am still loving school for the most part but I am getting eager to graduate. School seems to be more stressful this semester and plain frustrating at times. I am loving all the new skills I have learned. IV's are pretty awesome! This past week was especially hard. I swear I had an emotional break down on Thursday over everything..luckily I have the most amazing mom and husband who let me cry and vent to them all the time. My husband took me to get some ice cream and promised cuddle time to cheer me up after class on Thursday. The best thing that happened that day was discovering my new favorite ice cream!
It is so yummy! Tastes so much like this ice cream I love in Cincinnati Ohio where my G-ma lives. I have been craving it so much and finally found one that tastes practically the same! I am also so thankful for the wonderful classmates I have that keep me going . I am so blessed to have found some great friends this past year I dont think I could survive without them! On a lighter note I have been able to accomplish a few things on my list! We made homemade chocolate fondue with some friends of ours a few weeks ago for dessert! It was yummy and we bought lots of fun and yummy things to dip in it. We went to a new resturant a couple weeks ago, it was new for me but not for Boe so it only half counts. And I have cooked 2 new recipies so far! I have been knitting whenever I have a spare minute so I can get a few projects done before the end of March. I will post some pics of the finished products sometime. I just bought this book tonight and I am so excited to start this 40 day journey!
Well thats about everything new with us! Nothing to exciting were pretty boring! : )

My Valentine

I have been reminiscing this past week to 3 years ago when Boe asked me to be his wife. Best decision I ever made. He proposed on February 23rd at the Signature Room in Downtown Chicago. I was so excited to be his wife and start OUR family! Here is an email he sent me 3 years ago, its super cheesy and sappy but I love it so much. It still warms my heart and makes me giddy to this day. (He would spank me if he knew I posted this)

Brittany my love I have never seen a woman look as beautiful as you do tonight, I would be lying to myself if I didnt tell you that I want to be lost in your star kissed eyes!! You are the most precious thing on this earth and I hope you know the depth of my love for you! Please Brittany Blotter Make me the happiest man on this earth and allow me to be the man that loves you for all eternity and wakes up counting his many blessings becauses its you he wakes up to. Brittany Blotter MARRY ME!! Your my shining star and life will be dark and dreary without you!

I love you Boe Gilstrap thanks for making me the happiest girl on this earth and asking me to be your wife!