Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random pics of the past few months or so

My new adorable nephew Asher
Kayley around Halloween
My dad and I on a hike in Utah
Same hike with Boe
Kayley just loves Emily!
At the pumpkin patch with Emily

Fun with the Parents!

Soo..this is a very long belated post due to the fact this happend over the summer. I am very behind on my blogging. Anyways when my sister Sayward got married this past summer my parents came up to Idaho after for a few days. We went up to Island Park to Boe's grandparent's cabin. We had a blast! We floated the river on a drift boat and tried to do some fishing. The ride was super bumpy. We kept hitting rocks every 10 mins or so. Boe was always having to steer us away or off the rocks. It was fun nevertheless. The water was beautiful and it was so relaxing. I love being out in nature! I love all the sounds and smells. We went over to Mesa Falls which was beautiful. Waterfalls are breathtaking. One of the funnest things we were able to do on this trip was go to the Max Inn Playhouse for dinner one night. They serve you dinner (which was yummy) and desssert and then theres a funny show! The show was a spoof on Pirates of the Caribbean. The guy who played Jack was hilarious! Overall it was a blast and I cant wait to do it again! Us with Jack Sprat

My wonderful Parents

Us at Mesa Falls