Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Big Fat Redneck Weekend!

Last Weekend Boe's family took me to my first Monster Truck Show! It was really fun! They also had supercross which Boe loves so much. I think he enjoyed that the most. Here are a few pictures from our Redneck event.

Just Some Random Happenings!

Here are some pictures of some random things over the past few months!

My Mom, sister Amy, and I went to the West Jordan Temple while I was in Utah a few weeks ago. It was such a beautiful temple and so special to be there with them.

This ones for you Amy! I thought you would love to have this picture of your little cutie in the big race car!

This is our Deer friend that lived in the basement with us for a couple weeks. My brother in-law dressed him up for me so he wouldnt look so creepy in the dark

This was our apartment back in January when we were moving out. We were so sad to go but we just really needed to save some money.

My cute hubby and his favorite food in the whole world...Dessert Pizza!

Just Some Long Overdue Posts!

These pictures are a few months old. I finally got around to putting these pictures on my computer after months of having them on my camera. So here you go!

These pictures are from my Birthday back in December! The Moons shoot I mean Donats came with us to Applebees to help me celebrate! Lauryn is one of my closest friends from back home in Chicago, we were in the same stake. They are moving to Texas in about a week and it just breaks my heart! She is my last girl friend from Chicago left here in Rexburg ( all my others already left me December). But we are so excited for them it will be a great experience but we will miss them so much! We have loved spending time with them over the past 2 years! Love you guys!