Sunday, April 22, 2012

1 + 1 =3

We are so thrilled to announce we are having a baby!!! We are due Sept. 3 2012!We found out Dec. 29th so it was the best late Christmas Present ever! Even though we found out through a blood test I still peed on 5 sticks just for fun! I am now 21 weeks and feeling great! This pregnancy hasn't been to bad so far. Was only really sick between weeks 6-9. I feel huge already but im loving the bump! Boe is so thrilled about becoming a dad! He loves to touch the belly and can't wait for when he can feel the baby kick! I haven't felt any real distinct movements yet, there have been a few times that I think I felt movement. At our last ultrasound I asked about the location of the placenta and it's in the front so she said I probably wouldnt feel movement until I was farther along. That happened to my sister as well so I'm thinking probably in the next couple weeks I will know the movement for sure. We are in love with this baby already and can't wait to for Sept! We feel so blessed and honored to get the chance to raise one of Heavenly Fathers special spirits! Only 19 more weeks to go!!
Baby G at 11 wks
The bump at about 18 weeks
Baby G waving at us! 18 wks

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